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Do you want to bid every job and price every service with higher profit and confidence?

Drive growth above average and make more money than others in the green industry? 

If you ready for change, you have come to the right place.

What can haroldFOX do for you?

  • ​Help you to create real profitable growth​ and an enduring company

  • Teach you how to bid every job, and price every service with confidence and maximum profitability.

  • ​Help you develop repeatable and scalable systems and training  for marketing, office operations, sales, field services and more.

3 Things to Remember

  1. You are first and foremost a marketing company.  What you are selling is time. 

  2. Overhead is something you recover in your job and service pricing. 

  3. Profit is something you add into your price on top of all of your costs and salary.



Harness your accounting information to bid every project and price every service with confidence and optimum profit.

Pricing work by time and materials often causes customer conflicts about the number of hours or the price of the hours.  Flat rate eliminates that and with a higher profit.

Selling starts years before you want the transaction to occur.  You need rising recurring revenue, profits, business systems, standard procedures and contracts to ensure your buyer  sees your business as a stable and proven performer when you are gone.

Seasonal businesses like lawn care, landscaping and irrigation also have seasonal demands for operating money.  Service contracts and accepting credit cards can eliminate cash shortages.

Selling your Business


Flat Rate Pricing

Bidding & Estimating

Helping business owners of all ages and stages, profit from their careers.


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