Your Lawn, Landscape or Irrigation Business Is Like A Puzzle

Your goal should be to out learn and out earn  the competition.

Here is how I can help you "Plan for Profit".

Some of the people I can help as a Business Consultant are...

  • those that ask "how much should I charge",  "what would you guys charge" on Face Book, Lawnsite, etc.

  • businesses that have grown and are making less money

  • companies wishing to add new profit centers to their business such as irrigation, lawn fertilization, or other industry related activity

  • owners wishing to sell their business

  • owners looking to buy a business

  • those that feel burned out

  • operators looking to get out of the field and spend more time running their business

  • business owners that want to fix problems of any kind

  • and many more topics

If you have done this, or are doing this, you are not running your business.

Are you on landscape and irrigation internet forums like Face Book and Lawnsite?  Everyone asks questions like "how much should I charge", "what would you guys charge", or "how do I get more jobs".  There is drama over getting paid and reluctance to accepting credit cards.  It never ends.  Pictures and descriptions follow the pleas for info.   Strangers are running your business.  They know nothing your business or maybe their own, area you work, equipment, job site or client.  They could care less about your success because they have nothing invested.

I can cut years off your learning curve by being your part time coach and mini university.  

Without all the pieces you can never complete the puzzle to see the whole picture.   ​Every sports team has a coach. Successful companies succeed with the skills outside partners and consultants bring to their operation.   Hiring a professional business consultant gives you the knowledge, coaching and outside expertise you need to succeed and make more money. 


Business Consulting is as valuable to you as a much larger company.   You will get higher profits and more success.  

You are never too small, new or too old, to use a business consultant.   When companies go from private ownership to a public stock offering, they have used consultants every step of the way in building their success.  They have used business consultants to evaluate their planned product or service, and the market place viability.   There is no difference between your needs and the big companies.  Only the scope of and amount of work is different.   

Using me for your business building will pay big dividends in your career even if you are a solo operator.  

Higher profits become more secure and predictable and can yield more time for yourself.  The alternative is mediocre profits or perhaps burnout and  failure.  That is expensive.   Finding out your business is not worth what you had hoped for when you exit the business world is expensive.  Low social security earnings and not having at least $500, 000 or more in investments at retirement, is downright disastrous.   How much will you have?


Put my 43 years as a contractor to work helping you plan for profit and success.  

Every season you delay is a season closer to the end of your cycle.  There is no glory in taking what money is left over from your operations, or what someone may simply offer you.  Call me now and let’s go to work making you some money, achieving happiness, and financial security.

Why Use haroldFOX

I was a contractor in New Jersey for 43 years.  Over time I learned a lot through business consultants, specialized training and hard knocks. I developed profitable tactics, methods, and systems for surviving in the land of both bigger companies and low priced competition.  My first computer was put to work in 1986 for accounting, payroll and job management.  My business goal was to create a salable business that would continue on when I was ready to sell or  retire and I succeeded. 

More Ways haroldFOX Can Help You

haroldFOX serves lawn care, landscape and irrigation clients nationwide, including solo operators and startup companies who want to

  • create a highly profitable company with enduring value

  • resolve problems with inconsistent profit,  setting service prices, setting up accounting or field service software, employee management, problem customers,  accepting credit cards, up selling, developing service contracts and more.

  • get rid of billing for time and materials and charge flat rate for services

  • prepare to sell their business 

  • create the numbers and procedures from your accounting, so you can bid every job and price every service with confidence and maximum profit

  • ​develop systems and training for marketing, office operations, sales, field services and more to create a great place to work and a great consumer experience

  • create a brand identity

Helping business owners of all ages and stages, profit from their careers.


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