Use Flat rate Pricing for Higher Landscape Industry Profits 

How would you like to make $1.50 per minute instead of $1.00?  You can and no one will care.  Here is how.

What you sell is time.  To some, it may seem like common sense to charge by the hour.   Consumers like clear cut, easy decisions.  Help them quickly reach a positive  decision to do business with you or buy more from you.  Ditch the old, easy and often client contentious method of charging for labor and materials otherwise known as time and materials (T&M).  Learn how you can calculate a profitable flat or fixed price, and sell more work faster with less hassle.  Flat rate works in landscaping, lawn maintenance and irrigation.  

Imagine your sales world where a client does not compare your hourly rate to other service providers and knows immediately if they want to buy your services based on only 2 factors.  Are you the company with solutions for them, and are you in their budget range.  No more calls or emails disputing starting or stopping times, extra employees that "stood around or did not do anything", or why you charged $60.00 per hours while someone else charges $45.00.  After all, the cheaper rate may be more expensive because the company is less efficient, lies about time or lacks business skills and is charging too little.

I can help you develop your own flat rate pricing for nearly everything you currently sell by the hour with a higher profit than you currently earn, just like I did in my company.   And like me, you will sell more work and more up sells as a result.

Helping business owners of all ages and stages, profit from their careers.


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