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In parts of the country where business is seasonal, the demand for operational money in the spring is high.  Often 60 days or more can go by before significant cash starts flowing.  


Prepayments and down payments from clients are powerful financial tools.  You need service contracts to implement these tactics.  Let's examine what you sell to find places to harness them and design a contract or improve what you already use.


You Can Make Money From Credit Card Fees


It is a fact and not a gimmick.  Call and I'll tell you how.   Accepting credit cards increases your customer base because many people no longer want to write checks or pay with cash.   Credit cards can reduce payment time and lower or eliminate your receivables.   Make it easy and clients will pay faster.  I can tell from experience there is no better feeling than to hit the office in the morning and finding money has been deposited in your account overnight through credit card deposits.

Many lawn, landscape and irrigation business owners object to credit card transaction fees because they think they are making less money as a result.  I can show you where you can put your credit card fees where they can not be seen by your clients and bake them into your cost of providing service.  The icing on the cake is, just like other business costs you can add profit to these expenses.

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