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How To Make $100/hr Doing This

Yes, really, you can do it, and right from your home. You can actually sit, drink a beverage of your choice, and make some serious money while doing it. All it takes is the old fashioned learning tool called reading. You started doing it in first grade, and now you can make $100 per hour or more from your reading. Here is how.

Use the internet or magazines to find some educational blogs or articles about your line of work. Then grab your favorite beverage, find your chair and have at that reading. The average person can read about 130 words a minute. In approximately 7 minutes, or faster than you can consume a beverage, you will have read the average blog or short magazine article.

You will have educated yourself to some degree about your profession in an average of one minute per day, per week, of your time. The only financial investment is the beverage, but hey, you were going to drink it anyhow, so learning is really free. If you get interested and accidently chug down one of those long magazine articles maybe you invest 15- 20 minutes of your time.

So where is this $100/hr I’m speaking of? Extended out, that one educational, thought inspiring, motivating, 1 minute per day average, 1 article per week, means you will be consuming 52 pieces of career education per year. That weekly drinking and reading will take just a little over 6 hours of your time for an entire year. Now if you can’t read 52 articles about your profession and learn enough to make or save at least $600 by improving your business processes, something is really wrong.

My guess is your returns will be much bigger than $600, and more like thousands of dollars, because your knowledge will carry forward for years in your career. Through those additional years you will be gaining even more knowledge by reading as little as 7 minutes per week, 52 weeks per year.

That my readers is how you need to justify everything you do in your business. What kind of incremental financial gain can you create by changing or adding a process? Gains can be made in many ways like tracking marketing effectiveness and return on investment. You well know not all methods are producing the same results, so track and analyze. I’ll bet you can find ways to cut ineffective advertising by at least $600 dollars. Perhaps you can spend the saved $600 more effectively somewhere else and increase your return.

Look at prep and load time in the morning, the sequences the crews use, how far they walk, how much they stand waiting for something or someone. With average labor costs, you have at least $18/hr or more with taxes and insurances, and that is conservative. Save 33 man hrs/yr and you made $600 minimum. That means all you need to find is less than 3.5 minutes of savings per day per man for a 3 man crew to meet your goal. You can do that and more.

You might learn about shopping for insurance, a marketing strategy, job costing, a production technique that you didn’t know about, or just had not thought to dig into before. The return on the investment of your time and beverage is huge. Each time you read is an opportunity to profit.

Here are 6 tips to enhance the value of your reading time.

  • Keep a pen, small tablet and stapler at your side. Make notes about article content.

  • Envision how you might implement an idea and make a note you can understand later.

  • Create or join in conversation that can often be added at the end of a digital article. Ask a question if you are not clear on something.

  • Tear articles out of magazines, staple together and place with your notepad. Write mental thoughts on the margins to follow up with later.

  • Dedicate a day and time each week to put each new idea to work.

  • Pick up the phone and call a company featured in an article. I never had one that was not willing to share or explain some information.

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