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September Tasks For Success

Fall is officially a 1 week away in all parts of our country. Make time to take some steps to create success as the year winds down. There are still ways to enhance earnings this year, and set the stage for more rewards next year. Your business year still has a lot of green (dollars) in it, just like nature.

  • Email a reminder about no spring seeding to lawn app clients because you want your clients seeding when sod farmers seed in late summer and fall. This needs to be a single item email or postcard so it doesn’t get lost with other marketing. And they need to be told why not to spring seed because seed or seedlings will be damaged by pre-emergents. To add credibility to your advice, cite other professionals such as universities, golf, sports turf and sod producers best practices.

  • Market winter deer repellent if they damage landscapes in your area.

  • Market shrub and tree feeding for fall if appropriate for your area and tell people why it's recommended.

  • Continue late summer/early fall fertilization applications.

  • Do aeration & seed work in cool season and transition turf now, because you need 3-4 weeks of warm growing season before your official first frost date.

  • Remarket aerate and seed work if appropriate for your turf type.

  • Market lawn care to your irrigation customers.

  • Remarket to old lawn estimates via email and postcard because they are now fed up with the loser they chose.

  • Fall Newsletter: Design/print/distribute a newsletter to all active clients and good prospects with company and seasonal news.

  • E-Newsletter: "Benefits of Fall Fertilization" for northern turf or any appropriate seasonal topic for your region.

  • Add your own ideas to be ahead of the curve for your business or region such as holiday lighting, soil testing, over seeding warm season turf. Prime your business pipeline with preseason orders for later season services.

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