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November Tips for Landscape Business Success

Give thanks, enjoy the day and then get back to work making your landscape business successful.

By now in the north country all of your irrigation system winterizing should be scheduled, if not completed. If that is not the case, move your scheduling and production ahead next year.

If you need to apply lime to your lawns for pH adjustment, complete that task as soon as possible to allow the lime to begin to breakdown over the winter. It takes a long time for lime to have an effect.

Print and mail or email lawn care and irrigation renewals for 2018 while your company is fresh in your clients minds. To create excitement sponsor a give away drawing for 1 or more snowblowers, offer a free seasonal color planting, gift cards for restaurants, gas cards, or in house credit for your services as an incentive to renew by Dec 30. Make is big and splashy. You may have a series of winners, but not everyone wins. Don't be cheap with the incentive. Everyone gets a prepay discount. You can send renewals with two prices for before and after December 30. Keep in mind this prepay money can contribute heavily to your needed operating funds when ramping up in 2018. Money spent on interest if you borrow, can be put towards discounts and generating interest from your clients.

Remarket services to prior estimates and offer an incentive. These are leads you already payed for.

If you offer different services, cross market to your different customers such as fertilization to irrigation, or irrigation to landscape maintenance.

Order and mail holiday greeting cards

Review your website for marketing success and update or revamp as needed.

Work on mailing list development as part of your marketing plan for 2018. One way to build profits is to increase route density. Using a mailing service like TargetNeighbors.com will simplify this task at low cost.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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