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December 2017 Tips for Success

Don't be quick to close the door on 2017. Success comes from never leaving things to chance and minimizing the influence of outside forces. With only a few days to work in 2017, there are a few things that can be done to polish this year and improve next year.

  • Follow through with phone calls on November’s and early December's marketing and renewals

  • Do last minute cross marketing for your services if you have distinct divisions such as lawn care to irrigation only customers, maintenance to landscape design/build accounts, etc.

  • Dec 27-28 make automated or personal phone calls to those clients not yet renewed 2018 offering them 3 days to lock in your price.

  • Get those last minute prepay renewals for things like lawn fertilization programs, irrigation service contracts, etc. Stress pricing changes and the promotional or real service benefits you give clients that renew before the end of the year.

  • Re market any services to any client or prospect with the status of estimate.

  • Sales Collateral Review: December is a great time to review and take stock of existing sales materials. This includes everything from letterhead and business cards to the brochures and folders you provide to prospects during the sales process. It is recommended that you start the redesign of any sales materials well in advance of the dates when you foresee needing them.

Stay tuned for January Success Tips because there is a lot to do with marketing and estimating materials and ideas.

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