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February Landscape Biz Tips for Success

January was a great month for decompressing and working on pet projects no matter personal or business. February is the time to prep your landscape or irrigation business for spring. Following are a dozen tips to start the year the very best.

  • Bring Your customer data up to date. Add email addresses, square feet of turf, beds to mulch, number of sprinkler zones, or any other bit of data or unit of measure you use to advise your clients or price their services or estimates. This allows you to market proactively or give quotes without running out to their home. Quote when they call and sell on the phone.

  • For irrigation accounts, enter needed spring work in to start up check up instructions so your techs can be prepared.

  • Mail a 2nd prepay opportunity to all of your maintenance clients. This applies to lawn fertilization, landscape maintenance, mowing, irrigation, etc.

  • Contact people with known sprinkler problems noted at winterization or last service visit that do not have a prepaid service plan. Sell them a service plan by explaining the benefits to their wallet, lawn, landscape and peace of mind when weather changes or traveling.

  • Review all spring marketing materials for last minute changes.

  • Market with your most effective methods to the cancelled or unsold people in your files. Offer an incentive with a "We Want You Back" to former clients or a free offer of value to those that did not buy.

  • E-Newsletter Idea: "The Benefits of a Healthy Lawn"

  • Consider reducing discounts for prepay services or contracts if clients were given one or more prior opportunities with deadlines for your best offer. Because most contractors work by calendar year no matter the region of the country, you want to firmly nudge your clients towards renewing or prepaying services and contracts at the end of the year. Get away from renewing and prepaying in the current year just before services begin. Just in time payments and renewals do not benefit your ability to plan your work ahead, take advantage of early purchase options or build a bank account for marketing and early season payroll and other expenses.

  • Schedule irrigation start ups or checkups in your field service software for those that prepaid over the winter giving them priority service. Plan on making at least four contacts to make these visits happen as planned. Start with an email with all relevant information. Follow in 7-14 days with a post card identical to the email to reinforce the information. A week ahead of the appointment make a phone call. The day before send a reminder email. Field service software can make all of this very easy.

  • Cross sell and up sell your clients for services that you already provide. Clients that are sprinkler winterize only, up sell to prepaid maintenance plan. Sell lawn fertilization to your mowing or irrigation accounts, or irrigation to lawn and landscape accounts. This is the low hanging fruit in the marketing world. I know from experience that no matter what is on your website, business card or side of your truck, people will say "I didn't know your did that". Make a singular marketing push of one service only to your target client. Make it attention grabbing, short, and truly valuable because they are your client already. Use email, phone calls, post cards and sales letters. Keep the message consistent to reinforce impact.

  • Do a round 1 email notification for lawn fertilization clients confirming they are on your service list. This lets people that have moved or that do not want service for any reason the opportunity to cancel.

Most importantly, make an agenda and schedule spring training for all of your employees before you ramp up to full speed ahead. You want everyone on the same page and your clients experiences the very best.

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