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Delivering More Than Cake

A recent customer experience with a bakery in Atlanta, Georgia, caused me to remind landscape and irrigation business owners, it is not all about your product or service. A truly great and successful business creates a happy and satisfied customer experience as part of delivering a superior product or service. You must be great during the entire customer experience from pre to post sale.

I was trying to create a birthday experience for my family, and I had preconceived ideas on the product and service I wanted. Often cakes are ordered for special occasions with a personalized special inscription for the occasion or recipient(s).

It does not matter if your business specialty is cakes, landscapes, landscape maintenance or irrigation, and you don’t provide a usual and customary service, that should be explained or inquired about up front by you or your staff. It’s kind of a pre qualifier for the transaction to make sure the customer and your business are a good fit for one another.

I placed my order for four cakes of different types and then made my request for inscriptions. My experience turned bad when the order taker says, we don’t do inscriptions but we can sell you a cake topper. Below is my google review and owner response. I canceled the order at that point and went to another bakery with hundreds of reviews and equally as highly rated. No problems placing the order with them as I asked upfront if they did personal inscriptions. They did and seemed a bit surprised by my question. I had a great customer experience from ordering through eating.

My one star Google review ★xxxx (mid December 2018)

I just attempted to order 4 birthday cakes for a mega celebration for 4 family members having birthdays within 14 days of one another. Disappointment set in when I found out the cakes could not be personalized with an inscription. You must buy a cake topper starting at $8.95 (on top of the $39.95 cake) to say congratulations or happy birthday. Numbers are additional and no names can be added. So when you order here, figure you are just getting a piece of cake. I will purchase elsewhere.

Here is the response from the owner.

“Yes sir we do not customize cakes”.

The message is you must create a great customer experience from the first contact through sale and delivery, plus after the sale service. You must align and educate your entire staff with processes and standard operating procedure in place to soar with the eagles. Deliver a great experience, not a piece of cake.

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