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Being in a green industry business should be about creating a better future and higher earnings for yourself compared to being an employee.  Even if you only wish to work solo or with one or two helpers in your truck, your business should be and return more than simply being a job for you.   If you want to build a company that grows, you need a company that produces profit over and above what you need support your lifestyle.

No matter your goal, you need to plan ahead, execute and measure the results.  Doing this, first requires that you know your numbers, meaning what does it cost to deliver your services to your clients.  Secondly you must add a profit to your costs.  Profit is planned for, not hoped for like being money left over after paying the bills.  

My task is to help you organize and calculate your accounting numbers in to a format where you can determine your real costs per hour.  Those costs may differ by crew you run and profit that can be added may differ by service.  You always need to market to stay the same and more if you want to grow.  Customers only last for so long because they can die, move or have some life style change that affects their ability to spend.   There will be other contractors marketing to your clients.  Some may offer a better list of services or cheaper prices.  Knowing how to price at a profit and market the right services to your most ideal customer is crucial to staying in business and growing.  

"Some green industry contractors mistakenly think they simply need more work to make more money.  If your work is not priced right, more work will only create a machine that eats you faster.  That is why you see many landscapers or irrigation contractors grow and go out of business or revert back to solo or solo with helpers.  It's called burnout.  I will keep you from doing that. "  

To be the best at any size you choose means you need organized systems or more commonly called standard operation procedures.  I built them for my contracting business and can help you build yours.  Building standard operating procedures means if you need a day off or take a vacation, your business will run the same as if you were there.  You need to be replaceable if you want to create a business that can be sold.  

I can help you with contracts, pre and down payments, credit cards, facility expansion and how to cover the cost of doing it.  My  forty three years is a lot of experience that  will cut years or even decades off your learning curve.

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