Create Profitable Lawn, Landscape and Irrigation Service Prices, Bids and Estimates Every Time
If you don't have an accounting program get Quick Books even if you are working solo.  I have seen too many business owners in life and on the internet complaining how they are making less money with more work when they hire employees.  Sometimes they regress and go back to working solo.  That is not inevitable and it does not have to happen.
Using Quick Books out of the box is not sufficient to organize pricing because all it can deliver is a profit and loss statement.  Once you have Quick Books or if you already have it, I'll show you how to organize and use your sales and expense categories to harness the power of your numbers to Plan for Profit.
  • You and I will create or modify your bookkeeping system to put your needed sales and expense information into the valuable format that will tell you your operating cost per hour of payroll  

  • Learn how to code payroll for learning labor hours and costs by service or project sold such as sprinkler winterizing or service, weekly lawn maintenance, a round of fertilizer applications, a landscape installation, etc

  • Differentiate your production costs from overhead costs for service and contracting businesses so you can price accurately and make every bid, project or service profitable.

  • I will teach you how to calculate job costs and plan for profit, not take what is left over.

  • You will learn how to include your salary for working in the field or in the office, and how add profit to your work in addition to your salary.

Helping business owners of all ages and stages, profit from their careers.


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