Profit From Your Business Sale.  Don't close your doors. 

Create a business with enduring value and someone will want to buy you out.  Enduring value means that your business reputation is excellent, well branded and does not tied to you personally.   Your business requires systems and standard operating procedures that deliver a high level of customer satisfaction.   They must be documented and transferable to a buyer so they can continue your success  with very little loss of your clients. 


If you do not have the ideal business as I have described you can begin now to create the path to a business successful sale.  But it may take at least 5 years to polish and refine your business and reap the rewards that you can show a prospective buyer.  A lot of small entrepreneurs get very disappointed  when they go to sell their business because the value of their business is solely dependent on their involvement and carries their name.  

You need to be a business that makes financial sense to a buyer.  Buying your business whether to run as is or merge with their company is done with the plan to make more money.   If you are operating solo or with just a few people and want to sell to a larger company, you must be profitable enough that the new owner can replace you, still show a profit and pay their investment in a few years.  You need to sell a business that has recurring revenue and sells by way of contracts and prepayed services.   You will have to show that you have raised prices regularly.


 ​I can help and teach
  • Analyzing and organizing your accounting for proper expense and income organization to display your services profitability.

  • Developing a plan for continued sales and profit growth.  3 years of increasing sales and profits are the minimum starting point.

  • Delegating some management tasks so the business is not all about you.

  • How to find and contact buyers for your business.

  • Protecting your business during the sale process.

  • Exploring financing options to make your sale a success.

Grow and Profit with my Lawn, Landscape, and Irrigation Business Methods

In 2015, I successfully marketed, sold and financed the sale of my business because I was profitable and sustainable.  I can teach you how to succeed and profit too.  Call me today to find out more.  609-685-2299

Helping business owners of all ages and stages, profit from their careers.


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